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Swirectm bulk logistics provides tailored services for solving your problems linked to draft restrictions, shallow waters, port congestion, demurrages, etc.

Development of a Logistic project:

  • Preliminary meeting to understand Clients needs and expectations
  • Letter of intents for the preliminary feasibility study on the potential problem
  • Assessment of the information and data for the preliminary study
  • Presentation of the prefeasibility study to Clients
  • Acceptance of the preliminary study by Clients
  • Letter of undertaking for the progress of feasibility study
  • Assessment of the additional information and data for the feasibility study, which include a widening of technical and legal aspects and local official permission to be released by competent Authorities
  • Presentation of the feasibility study to Clients
  • Acceptance of Feasibility Study
  • Presentation of Feasibility Study to local Authorities for concerned authorization
  • Finalization of the contract
  • Project implementation

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