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  • Established in 1872, The China Navigation Company is the wholly owned deep-sea shipping arm of John Swire & Sons Limited, headquartered in Singapore

    Swire is a multi-national, multi-disciplined commercial group with over 140 years of experience in shipping
    Parent company: John Swire & Sons Ltd
    Public company: Swire Pacific Ltd
    Swire group and associates - More than 127,000 employees
    2012/13 highlights:

    • Swire Pacific 2011 post tax profit of USD 4,177 M
    • Swire Pacific has a Moody's rating of A3
    • Deep sea shipping handled 5.3 million tons of cargo in 2012

    Management company of DryLog Group (Ceres Shipping Group)
    Focused on dry bulk commodities transport 2012 highlights: 39.1 million tons handled USD 317.5 million turnover.

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    PT MBSS is leader in the Indonesian bulk cargo logistic market operating a modern and expanding fleet. Activities include barging, stevedoring, transshipment to Ocean Going Vessels and onshore materials handling.

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