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Floating Terminals

Vessel or barge, operating in open sea, with a considerable storing capacity (up to Capesize) able to discharge barges and concurrently loading Ocean Going Vessels or, alternatively, to store cargo in the holds.

Logistic project highlights

Draft limitation case.


  • The draft of receiving port/terminal of the goods in bulk ( iron ore, coal, bauxite etc) is limited to 12,5 meters S.W.
  • Conventional Panamaxes cannot enter the port in fully laden conditions
  • Average loss of cargo about 10.000 MT per vessel
  • Annual quantity received 4.000.000 MT
  • About 67 Panamaxes per year (abt 60.000 MT each)
  • A vessel every 5.5 days abt (high possibility of congestion)
  • Freight savings
  • About 57 Panamaxes per year (abt 70.000 MT each)
  • A vessel every 6.5 days
  • Increased port efficiency (lower number of days required at berth)
  • Reduction of demurrages costs
  • Lightened quantity discharged concurrently with Panamax vessel or during idle period

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